Increase Funding for Street Paving

Making sure roads are repaved and safe for drivers is a core part of the City's mission to be "brilliant at the basics." To achieve this, the City of Memphis has doubled the budget for repaving roads over the past four years, from $9.5 million in FY15 to $19 million in FY19. And we've continued to allocate and invest $19.5 million in street paving each fiscal year since! This data is updated yearly as the next year's budget is approved.  

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So you can stay informed and see where we are heading, we've put our paving plan on a map. Click  the image below to explore our current plan! Be sure to check out the Pavement Tracker as well, which tracks the yearly mileage paved to date. Note that the paving season runs April 1- Nov 3oth each year and that TDOT paves all state roads.