Increase Memphis Animal Services Save Rate to 90 Percent

The Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) has 2 goals: a 90% save rate and the elimination of euthanasia for time/space. Our goal of a 90% save rate is the national Target Zero standard for shelters and is determined using intake versus euthanasia numbers. In January 2016, the save rate was 74%; in February 2019, we achieved an all time high save rate of 93.71%! You can read more about these efforts in our MAS data story here.

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Euthanasia By Type
This chart shows the number of animals euthanized by month, broken down by the reason for euthanasia. We recognize that sometimes humane euthanasia is necessary for medical and behavioral cases but we work towards eliminating euthanasia for time & space. Increasing our marketing efforts, utilizing both short term and day trip fosters, and implementing our Pet Placement Partners program are 3 steps we have taken to ensure our animals find their perfect home.
MAS Intake
This chart shows the total number of animals taken in each month by Memphis Animal Services. Higher intakes can strain MAS's capacity to care for each animal, so one way we are trying to keep a high save rate is through the owner surrender prevention program, which connects people to resources that enable them to keep and properly care for their own pets.

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