Answer 311 Calls Within 35 Seconds

The 311 Call Center is the main communication channel for Memphians to request city services. We aim for you to be able to communicate requests quickly and easily, and to this end, we have a goal of answering your calls within 35 seconds. In 2017, we look at our data and made several changes to increase the efficiency of 311, including adjusted call-takers' schedules to better respond to the flow of peak hour calls. This resulted in shortened wait times by an average of 10 seconds from FY17 to FY18, despite averaging 1200 more calls per months. We also have implemented callback technology that gives callers the option to leave a message instead of waiting on hold past a certain period of time. Read more our efforts in the 311 data story here!

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311 Call Volume and Answer Time
Call answer time is measured from when a caller first reaches the automated system to when an operator answers. This can be affected by volume, or how many calls come in at a time. As you can see on the right, 311 call volume is seasonal, with twice as many calls in summer compared to winter. Despite the spike in volume over the summer, our call answer times have remained close to our goal, with a drop from 94 seconds in July 2017 to 41 seconds in July 2018!
In addition to calling 311, residents can also submit service requests electronically through SeeClickFix. Click here to access SeeClickFix online, or click these links to download the app for Android or Apple
Open 311
Open 311 is an interactive tool designed to give citizens information about what is going on in their neighborhood. You can see the status of your 311 request, see what your neighbors have reported and create alerts to stay informed.