Office of Performance Management

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to help make the City of Memphis more productive, transparent, and accountable for its performance. We work towards a government where all decisions are informed and measured by data and in alignment with the Mayor's strategic plan. 

We use data to:
Help City leadership track the performance of our many service centers and uncover ways to deliver better service.
Determine whether the City’s operations and investments are helping to achieve its strategic goals.
Enable the public to evaluate the performance of Memphis city government and hold it accountable for results.

Our deliverables include: 
Performance Dashboards
Performance dashboards that enable City staff to evaluate the organization’s progress toward its goals
Memphis Data Hub
The Memphis Data Hub, an online tool that makes it easier for the public to judge how well the City is serving them. Here you will find performance dashboards, our data inventory, and mapping tools that allow Memphians to engage with civic data.
Project Leadership
Project leadership for initiatives that aim to improve the City’s productivity and ability to track progress toward its goals.
Executive Order
See Mayor Strickland's Executive Order establishing the data governance committee here.