Respond to New Residential Code Enforcement Service Requests Within 5 Days

The City of Memphis aims to respond to all new code enforcement (CE) requests within 5 days. These requests typically relate to issues such as unsafe or abandoned residences, overgrown weeds, or improperly stored vehicles. The average initial response time for residential violations has dropped from 12.45 days in January 2016 to consistently below 4 days!
To check the status of a CE request, visit Open 311 and enter your incident number.

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Code Enforcement Initial Response Time Categories
This chart shows the number of new residential Code Enforcement service requests each month and the length of time it took to respond to them. Over the last year, the city has worked to eliminate response times over 30 days, and has greatly reduced response times over 15 days. Ultimately, of course, we want to respond to all requests within 5 days.
Service Request Response Time
The chart to the left shows the average number of days it takes us to respond to a residential code enforcement request in a given month compared to the number of residential requests received in that month. The axis on the left shows average response time in days (bar chart). The axis on the right shows total number of requests received (line chart).