Increase Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Spending to 24%

Mayor Strickland created the Office of Business Diversity and Compliance in 2016 to lead the city's efforts to increase spending with minority and women-owned businesses. Since then, we have instituted a free MWBE certification process, launched a 12-week accelerator program called Propel in partnership with Start Co., hosted education and networking events such as the We Mean Business Symposium, and partnered with Christian Brothers University, Epicenter, and Start Co. to launch the 800 Initiative, a program designed to grow the revenue of eight hundred minority firms by $50 million and double the revenue of 50 selected firms in five years. These efforts have helped increase MWBE spending from 13.18% in FY2016 to 23.94% in FY2021, nearing the goal of spending 24% of eligible expenses with minority or women-owned businesses.

Entrepreneur Network Center

The City of Memphis Entrepreneurs Network Center (ENC), our One-Stop-Shop, provides entrepreneurs and small businesses in Memphis with training, one-on-one counseling and information to assist in their success. The ENC serves as a central point for businesses seeking data and financial resources from public and private entities.  Seminars, training sessions and workshops are held throughout the year at the ENC covering various topics such as How to Start A Business; How to Develop a Business Plan; Basic Accounting for Small Businesses; Tax Preparation; Cash Flow Analysis; and Marketing and Advertising. Learn more and get connected here!

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