Good Government

Provide outstanding customer service | Spend responsibly | Maintain bond rating

Being "brilliant at the basics" means delivering quality government services on time and within budget.  Mayor Strickland promised to measure results, hold people accountable, and share those results with the public, and this site is one of the key ways residents can monitor the performance of their government.  In the past two years, the City of Memphis has increased the amount of money spent with minority and woman-owned businesses, improved the animal save rate at Memphis Animal Services, and improved the on-time performance of MATA.  Click through the tiles below to read more about these initiatives. 

Customer Service

Fiscal Stewardship

Open Data
As part of his commitment to a transparent government, Mayor Strickland created an open data policy in early 2018. This commits us to release the City's raw data and make it available to you the citizens in a variety of downloadable formats. Click here to explore the available data related to Good Government.