Fill Potholes Within 5 Days of Notification

The City of Memphis aims to fill 95% of potholes within 5 days of notification. The charts to the left and below show the percent of time that we meet this goal. Our Street Maintenance crews have begun to utilize tablets and have rolled out new request management methods in order to maximize operational efficiency. You can read more about how we use data to achieve better results in our data story here. You can view the current street paving schedule here.  Still have questions about Potholes? See our answers to the most asked questions here.

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Service Request Response Time
The chart to the left shows the average number of days it takes us to respond to potholes requests in a given month compared to the number of requests received in that month. You can see that even when requests spike during the winter months, we continually complete potholes requests in under 3 days year round. We are encouraged by this trend and continue our efforts to fill all pothole requests within 5 days.