311 Answer Time

Background: 311 was established in 2011 as a call center for citizens to report concerns to the city. At the beginning of FY17, the 311 Call Center was struggling with high call volume and slow answer times.
Service Question: How can we answer calls within 35 seconds?
Analytics: When data was analyzed, we saw that staffing patterns didn’t correlate with high volume hours and that despite being open until 6:30p.m., call volume dropped significantly in the evening. Solid Waste concerns accounted for 75% of all calls and there was a clear increase in calls after a holiday. 
Implementation: Because the data showed call volume was highest in the morning, the hours of 311 were adjusted to 8a.m.-5p.m. allowing added staff in the morning. In addition, part time employees were strategically scheduled to better handle the increased calls around lunch time. 
Previously, the holiday pick up schedule was confusing as it required citizens to put their trash out the day before their regularly scheduled pickup. This was changed to delay pickup and offer overtime for Saturday workers. Citizens can now put their trash out as they normally would and it would simply be picked up a day later. 
Results: In FY18, the 311 Call Center answered calls 10 seconds faster than FY17 despite averaging 1,200 more calls per month. Additionally, a Solid Waste cross functional team was spun out of the original 311 team to address the high volume of citizen concerns.
Team: 311 Call Center, Human Resources, Office of Performance Management, Innovate Memphis, 911/EMS, Public Works