Public Safety

Increase the number of police officers | Expand community outreach | Improve 911 emergency services | Reduce crime

It's essential for people to feel safe in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and in the places they visit.  Mayor Strickland has adopted a multi-pronged approach to fighting crime, including increasing the size of the police force, reducing recidivism, and supporting tougher sentences for certain violent crimes.  Mayor Strickland also knows that strengthening communities and providing opportunities for our youth are crucial to reducing crime, and you can read about those efforts here and here

Crime Measurements 

Police Recruitment & Retention

911 Service

Open Data
As part of his commitment to a transparent government, Mayor Strickland created an open data policy in early 2018. This commits us to release the City's raw data and make it available to you the citizens in a variety of downloadable formats. Click here to explore the available data related to Public Safety.