Increase MATA On-Time Performance to 76%

Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) is the public transportation provider for the Memphis area. Each year, more than 500 MATA employees work together to complete 7.5 million passenger trips. Since January 2016, the reliability of MATA's fixed-route bus service has improved by nearly 20 percentage points, and we continue to work towards an on-time performance goal of 76%. MATAPlus, a shared ride service designed to meet the transportation needs of Memphians with disabilities, has achieved an on-time performance above 90% nearly every month since June 2017.
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MATA and MATAPlus On Time Performance
This chart shows the on-time performance of MATA buses and MATAPlus service vehicles on a monthly basis. Currently, the on-time performance goals are 76% for MATA fixed-route buses and 90% for MATAPlus, as shown by the dotted lines.