Increase Memphis Animal Services Save Rate to 90 Percent

The chart below shows the monthly save rate at Memphis Animal Services.  Our goal of 90% is the national Target Zero standard for shelters and is determined using intake versus euthanasia numbers. In the last two years, the save rate has gone from a low of 61% in July 2016, to achieving our 90% goal in December 2017, to setting a record high of a 93% save rate in January 2019!
MAS Intake
This chart shows the total intake numbers for Memphis Animal Services. For the majority of 2017, intake numbers have been below 2016 numbers and we expect to see this trend continue as new programs are implemented. Most notably, the owner surrender prevention program helps connect people to needed resources that enable them to keep and properly care for their pets. 
MAS Euthanasia By Type
This chart shows the number of animals euthanized by month, broken down by the reason for euthanasia. Ultimately, we never want to have to euthanize an animal for space again. This is achieved by reducing intake numbers as seen above and increasing adoption and rescue efforts. 

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