Increase MWBE Spend to 24%

Mayor Strickland created the Office of Business and Diversity to lead the city's efforts in increasing the amount of money the city spends with minority and women-owned businesses.  Since that time, the city has instituted a free certification process, announced reciprocal certification agreements with Shelby County, MLGW, and the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, and hosted a number of education and networking opportunities such as the We Mean Business Symposium and the Competitive Bidders Prep Accelerator.  The City has also partnered with Start Co. to create a 12 week business accelerator called Propel. These efforts have led to a significant increase in MWBE spending, from 13.2% in FY2016 to a record high of 21.3% for FY2017.  
MWBE Spend
The chart to the right shows the percent of contract dollars the city has awarded to minority and woman-owned businesses. Through the second quarter of FY2018, the city has spent 16.10% of its contract dollars with MWBE firms.  That number is expected to increase through the remainder of the fiscal year and will be updated quarterly. 
How to Do Business With the City of Memphis
Take a look at this video to get the details on how you can do business with the City of Memphis.