Remove Outside-the-Cart Trash Within 21 Days

The Department of Solid Waste aims to remove all garbage placed outside the cart within 21 days. Garbage placed outside the cart is labeled as "curbside trash" or as a "picker pile." Curbside trash is any waste not contained in a cart that is presented at the curb for collection. Picker piles are curbside trash items that require special equipment for collection, such as appliances or tree limbs.  For measurement purposes, we have combined both types and refer to them as "outside the cart." The chart on the right shows the average number of days by month that it takes the City to resolve outside the cart requests. The chart on the left shows the percentage of requests that we resolve within our Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 21 days.
Average Number of Days to Pick-Up
Percent of Requests Resolved within SLA
Weekly Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up
In addition to removing garbage placed outside the cart, the Solid Waste Department's primary responsibility is to provide weekly garbage and recycling service to city residents.  The chart to the right shows the "success rate" for weekly trash and recycling pick-ups, determined by comparing the number of scheduled pick-ups to the number of service requests received for missed garbage or recycling.  The Solid Waste Department has consistently achieved a success rate above 99%.
Solid Waste Collection Areas

The Department of Solid Waste organizes its collections by areas, and has divided the city into five Areas, A through E.  Areas A, B, C and D are serviced by the Department of Solid Waste, and Area E is serviced by Inland Waste Solutions.