Increase the size of the police force to 2,300 officers by December 2020

Police Officers
The City has been aggressively recruiting police officers with a goal to increase the number of police officers to 2,300.  As of January 2018, the number of officers stands at 2020.   The largest recruit class in seven years graduated the academy in August, a second class graduated 85 officers in January 2018 and a third class is schedule to begin in March. Efforts to increase applicants include moving to an online application process and increasing lateral recruitment in nearby cities.
Police Service Technicians
Police Service Technicians respond to minor traffic accidents. This allows police officers to respond more quickly to serious incidents and frees them up to proactively patrol neighborhoods. The City currently has 69 police service technicians, up from 30 at the beginning of the year. The PST program also creates a pathway for young adults to become police officers.